Fat Brain Toys Neck of the Woods

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The giraffes are hungry! - Can you help them reach the leaves in the tree?

It takes a steady hand and a clever mind to stack the blocks, reach the reward, and earn the most points.

On each turn, you must roll the die to determine which block you have to use. Keep on stacking turn after turn to stack your giraffe's neck as high as you can.

The higher the leaves are in the tree, the more points they're worth. - Stack as high as possible to win the biggest reward!

But beware. If your giraffe tumbles, you'll have to start all over, and the other giraffes might start chanting -

"Icarus lost his nee-eck! Icarus lost his nee-eck!"

Once all the leaves have been grabbed, everyone flips them over at the same time to count up their points. The player with the most points wins the game!

Designed with soft yet sturdy foam pieces and an engaging gameplay that emphasizes the balance between risk and reward, Neck of the Woods is one game that's sure to be played again and again!
  • Game of stacking blocks to reach the highest leaves
  • Encourages fine motor skills, addition skills
  • Roll the die to determine which block to stack
  • Try to stack your giraffe as tall as possible
  • Leaves positioned on 3 levels - The higher the level, the more points they're worth
  • Players can't flip their leaves until game is over
  • If giraffe tumbles, you have to start all over
  • Emphasizes balance between risk and reward
  • Includes 4 giraffe heads, 4 giraffe bodies, 24 giraffe neck blocks (4 each of small "L", large "L", small rectangle, large rectangle, small square, large square), tree base, 2 tree trunks, 3 tree tops, 12 leaves (4 each of red, yellow, and blue), die
  • Detailed game rules included
  • Pieces made of soft yet sturdy foam - Durable for lasting enjoyment

    Ages: 3+

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