Fat Brain Toys Baby Monkey Astronaut

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"Houston, we have a primate problem!"

Baby Monkey Astronaut may be the easiest game you'll ever learn to play, but that doesn't mean it won't DRIVE YOU BANANAS.

Spread out all the cards face down and then start taking turns trying to flip them over in EXACT numerical sequence, counting down from ten to one WITHOUT skipping a single number.

It sounds simple - After all, how hard could it be to count down from ten?

But... Once you've forgotten where that number five was placed for the twentieth time, you'll begin to realize just how astronomically challenging this game really is!

Whether you're mastering your number skills or strengthening your memory, Baby Monkey Astronaut is T-minus 10 to FUN for the whole family.
  • Playful memory game of trying to flip cards over in perfect numerical sequence
  • Encourages number skills, memory skills, cooperative play
  • T-minus 10 to FUN for the whole family!
  • Take turns trying to flip cards over in exact numerical sequence counting down from 10 to 1
  • First player to successfully count down from 10 to 1 without skipping a single number wins the game!
  • Includes 10 number cards printed with fun illustrations of a baby monkey exploring outer space
  • Detailed game rules and instructions included
  • Packaged in a vibrant, rocket-ship-shaped tin box
  • Cards each measure 3.5 inches in diameter
  • High quality materials for lasting durability, exceptional play experience

Ages: 5+

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